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My Kitchen

Posted by pauaprincess on January 5, 2008

Not the best picture I have ever taken but here it is, the heart of the Paua Palace.Kitchen

I spend a fair amount of time in my kitchen, most of it in front of the bench.  My kitchen was quite clearly designed by a man, the door to the laundry is to the right of where you are looking and so is the stove, I had the Prince remove the door because it opened into the kitchen, anyone opening the door while I was in front of the open oven, was likely to cause the final scene of Hansel and Gretel, ie push me into the oven!

The fridge is opposite the stove and the dishwasher is at the other end of the bench almost in the dining area.  There’s nothing like settling down with your dinner guests around the table and listening to the swish swish of the dishwasher …sigh.

The cupboards and pantry are all behind me when I am cooking, I keep my pots and pans in the cupboards under the bench.

All in all the kitchen is circa 1980 but I have made some improvements.  I painted the cupboard doors blue and put chrome handles on the doors and drawers, replacing the fake dark woodgrain that was peeling and the dark wooden round knobs.  The Prince made the pelmet for me although he is opposed to pelmets for some reason he did explain but I have chosen to forget.

My friend Sarah’s husband made the greenhouse window for me for my birthday a few years ago, replacing the flat window.  It has to rate amongst my best ever birthday gifts.  I tried growing herbs there but the sun is just too hot and they all dried up no matter how conscientiously I watered them.  To give you a clue how hot it gets, candles melt if left in that window for a single day.  Now I keep knick knacks and tools there, my knife block, mortar and pestle and the Pasta machine I got the Prince for his birthday.  In addition you can see my kitchen scale, some garlic in the basket behind the olive oil and the kids vitamins.

I wired up some speakers to sit in my window from the stereo in the dining area, so I can bop around my kitchen to music.  I’ve given the pipis many a dance lesson in there.

My kitchen is wallpapered in a kind of 80’s pink shade, I want it painted with a soft yellow, kind of a creamy sand colour.  I already mentioned my cupboard doors are blue, it’s a soft denim blue and I have blue glass jars.  My window has off white tiles interspersed with 3 blue and yellow daffodil tiles, I’ve yet to properly tile it, they’re just sitting there for now.  One day when I have the time I will set the tiles properly.  At least it doesn’t look quite as 80’s anymore.

I like old stuff, my furniture is mostly inherited.  I have a pale oak dining set and sideboard in the dining area.  I’m going to re cover the worn seats with a nice fabric once the kids stop spilling food and pad them.  Apparently in the 1930’s dining chairs were built to keep one awake during dinner and the butt to fall asleep.  It’s going to look great once it’s finally painted.

Well, that’s it.  My kitchen.  The place I make food for the Prince and the Pipi’s.


One Response to “My Kitchen”

  1. bee said

    i love your kitchen. have a wonderful 2008.

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