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Today, a Police Display

Posted by pauaprincess on January 8, 2008

Camp Quality is a summer camp for children living with cancer, either they have some form of cancer themselves or they have close relatives with displaycancer.  It’s held over the Christmas holidays every year.  Every two years it’s held in a school south of Auckland.  It’s a two week break from the grinding routine of hospitals, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Two weeks of fun and freedom.

A friend of mine, a Police Officer arranges for Police displays when the camp is held in the North Island.  I participate because it’s a good cause.  In fact it’s about the only thing I do participate in on a regular basis.  I’ve helped out every two years for the past 8 years.  Today was the day.

The Armed Offender’s Squad started off today with a talk about what it is they do.  They showed their equipment and answered questions.  AOS is possibly the most misunderstood and mysterious wing of the Police, dressed in black, carrying firearms and attending the most serious of incidents, they look quite menacing and it’s nice to see they are normal human beings with a bunch of amazing equipment under all that black clothing.  Their equivalent would be SWAT in the USA.

Next came Dog Section, presenting first the drug search dog, a chocolate Labrador who acts like his job is one big game.  Actually, that’s a common thread with the dogs of the Dog Section, all of them are trained with work as play.  They enjoy what they do, they get rewards for good behaviour.   Our friend the chocolate lab, found the carefully hidden stash and got a throw toy game as his reward.  Then it was the Firearms Dog’s turn.  He found the gun in short order and got a good chew on the grip before giving it up.

Then came the real fun.

A mock pursuit, two offenders in a car failed to stop for the Police doing a routine traffic stop.  The unit gave chase and was soon joined by back up in the form of other units and the Dog Section.  Spikes were deployed and the offenders ditched their car and took to the fields. Big mistake.  The Police helicopter flew circles overhead and two dogs were soon tracking our boys.  Both offenders were caught by the dogs with the helicopter flying overhead to help out.

The children had rides in Police cars, sirens wailed, red and blues flashed.  This is the part I helped with.  We drove around the camp while the kids worked the sirens and had a whale of a time.

Then we had more dogs, this time the dogs showed off their obedience, form staying and heeling, to jumping through hoops.  The discipline of two dogs working in tandem to take down an offender who was shooting at them, mock firearm of course for the display but the bangs sounded terrifyingly real.  These dogs are amazing, professional and fearless.

After that, the children ran a short sprint course, tracked by police radar to have their speed measured, I helped take down the average kph of the run and issue certificates.

All in all it was a good day.  Unfortunately the Police helicopter was unable to land for the kids to have a look, because they had a real job to attend to but I think the kids enjoyed the fun.  Not only does this give these kids a treat, but it helps them to see a side to Police, that they may not otherwise see. 

Everyone who took part, me, my friend and his Police colleagues were there on their own time, it’s a regular and apparently much anticipated feature of the camp and it’s great to see kids interacting with Police in a positive way.


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