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Britney Spears proves you can take the girl out of the trailer park

Posted by pauaprincess on January 9, 2008

But you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl and I think she’s proved it often enough now that it shouldn’t be news every time the silly cow throws a wobbly and ends up under suicide watch.

I’m sick to death of opening the news paper and reading about the stupid bitch.  I’m not talking about tabloids here, I’m talking about actual newspapers that place the story of Britney’s latest brush with the law, her spending 5-10 minutes a month in rehab then declaring herself well and her haircut, next to news about disasters, crime and finance.  Is she meant to be the comic relief?  I’d really prefer Calvin and Hobbes!

I read the newspaper for news.  Britney, Paris, Lindsay et al are not news!  They just aren’t!

Britney is a has been, she has had her 15 minutes of fame, her brand of bubblegum pop is last decade and let’s face it, the minute she got married in a velour tracksuit….she lost any and all style points she may have had.  She’s nothing but trailer trash, trailer trash with money is, clearly still trailer trash!  I mean the girl is such a loser she’s apparently staging her own paparazzi shots and flogging them to boot.

Now apparently her 16 year old sister is in on the act with a KLASSY teen pregnancy and Brit, narcissist that she is, is making it all about her by lamenting that she didn’t set a better example!

Britney Spears, in fact the entire Spears clan, should do us all I giant favour and just disappear!  Can the CIA not send her to the same place they sent Elvis? Please?

Now news editors take note, this is my first and last word on the subject…. Britney Spears is not news, quit acting like the train wreck that is her life, is!


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