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Breaking the rules

Posted by pauaprincess on January 10, 2008

JaedsandThe title refers to the rule of thirds, which I have clearly broken with today’s photo.  The Pipi Princess is smack dab in the middle of the image, but what are rules for if not for breaking?

Last week when I took the Pipi’s to Pt Chevalier, the Pipi Princess was somewhat upset that there was no sand to play in, she’s accustomed to our west coast beaches, huge, wild surf and black iron sand to play in.  Harbour beaches tend to mangrove swamps and rocky shoreline with sparse shelly sand that isn’t a lot of fun to sit on let alone run through your fingers.  Further north the black sand changes to normal white sand.  Should you ever go to an iron sand beach, take shoes especially during the mid day hours, the black sand get’s so hot it can burn your feet.

To appease her, tonight after dinner, she and I went to Piha to have a mother/daughter evening and blow out the cobwebs.  It was a beautiful evening, we arrived at Piha at approximately 7.30 pm.  There were people swimming, surfing and walking their dogs.  The Pipi Princess was especially delighted to see two horses exercising in the water.

One thing I noticed going through my photos, I am really going to have to impress upon the Princess the virtues of sitting like a lady.Pihasunset

We stayed for the sunset, this is what it looks like from South Piha, as the sun sets behind Lion Rock.  It wasn’t this dark but I had to close up my aperture and up my speed to get the colours.  I was also using a circular polarising filter that was too big for my lens, holding it up to the lens with one hand and gripping the camera/shooting with the other. Even so I had to fiddle about in photoshop to balance out this image.

We said farewell to the beach about 9pm and came home to have a big bubble bath and get rid of all that pesky black sand.  Then it was off to bed for the Pipi Princess, having finally satisfied her urge to collect shells and play in the biggest sand pit she knows.

One thing is for sure, all that fresh sea air and walking does wonders to get a wakeful wee princess tired and off to bed in a timely fashion….

Tomorrow the Prince and Princeling are off fishing on the bosses boat.  The Princess and I weren’t invited.  Probably for the best because I get horribly sea sick just watching boats on tv.  So the Pipi Princess and I will be finding ways to entertain ourselves, after I have had two tyres replaced and gone through re check for my warrant of fitness for my car…


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