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Moving day

Posted by pauaprincess on January 12, 2008

The Paua Palace is moving.

I have decided after a year of ranting that I need to be more organised and reflect more than just my interest in current affairs… in other words….to diversify.

So I had a look at what I have here…there’s a ton and I don’t want to entirely delete things. So I’ve moved.

You can see the new site at or just click here


One Response to “Moving day”

  1. American in NZ said

    I’m an American. I live in New Zealand. I leff the US when I thought my compatriots went insane. I’m skeptical that Geo.Bush ever won an election legitimately, but he did end up as President, and a very vocal portion of the population supported him. I’m doubtful that it was a true majority. It’s the end of 2009. My choice for American President won. Kiwis still hate Americans (they are still remarkably rude to me and still wish I’d go home). Why?

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