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The Homemaker

I’ve decided I need to get a little organised so I am starting a new section, dedicated to my appalling lack of home making skill.

This section will contain my recipes, crafts and kid stuff.


So to get started, a link to a site that will help with measurements etc.  I use metric measurements, it’s a metric country after all.  So this page will no doubt help anyone who wants to try out recipes.

The afternoon tea series is food commonly served at an afternoon tea.  My first recipe is the traditional pikelet.  Click to get the recipe

 Quick Chicken Curry

New: Marinated Raw Fish


To view my posts on crochet projects:

Basket weave blanket

Making progress on the Basket Weave Blanket, its now long enough for a single bed, I just need to widen it 🙂 Will take another picture soon.

Ripple Throw


One Response to “The Homemaker”

  1. The basket weave blanket is finished at last I just need to get a picture.

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